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led salt water light

led salt water light

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  • 【Salt Water LED Lamp】Pour in about 15g of salt and fill with water up to the water level line ready to use. Household salt can also be used, no water quality, purity requirements.The salt water lamp does not need special salt, it can be used by adding edible salt. Therefore, salt water lamps can be used for a long time with proper storage.
  • 【Bright & Portable】Equipped with 3 LED lights, LED night light can get as bright as 50 lumens. The output current is 100mA, and the power is 0.5W.Salt water LED lamp at least 120 hours . Or, alternatively, pour the water out, rinse with clean water, and dry it out for long term storage(up to 5 years).
  • 【Compact & Lightweight】With its collapsible design, the lamp is portable like a smartphone and it's lightweight; Easily pack it in your backpack or emergency kit while camping or hiking.
  • 【Camping Tent Lamp & Emergency Lamp】 Are you worried about the camping lamp running out of electricity when you go to camping outdoors? Our saltwater emergency lamp may be able to reduce your troubles. There is no need to charge or battery, it can light up as long as there is salt water, which is very suitable for use as an outdoor emergency lamp.In special cases, adding seawater or urine can also use emergency lights, it just affects the brightness a little bit.
  • 【Usage Scenarios】 This salt water light is suitable for outdoor, home emergency, night fishing, children's adventure games, role-playing use. The new energy environmental protection and pollution-free night light has a wide range of use, so you don't have to worry about being idle, it will come in handy at critical moments.
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